Preparing for birth and parenthood

Sophrology is an alternative method which allows the mother-to-be to discover and develop an understanding of her feelings, sensations and needs.
Sophrology helps the mother-to-be to handle the different steps of her pregnancy.
Zen Sophro
For a complete preparation the protocol is structured in six sessions including one with the father if possible.
The sessions can start from the fifth month of pregnancy and their frequency depends on your schedule. I recommend weekly or bi-monthly sessions.

How does it work ?

You choose a position that’s comfortable.
Sitting or lying down and under the supervision of the sophrologist, you practice relaxation and breathing exercises with your eyes closed. You are encouraged to visualize your body and the baby’s place within your body, whilst relaxing and breathing in and out slowly.

During the Sophrology sessions you will learn different breathing techniques to help throughout your pregnancy but also during labour.

You will acquire relaxation reflexes, and learn to manage your stress and any physical discomfort caused by pregnancy.
You will practise positive visualization of the different stages of pregnancy, birth and post-birth.

What will Sophrology bring you?

During your pregnancy : Sophrology will help you to be one with your changing body, find calm and serenity.
Sophrology will ease pregnancy discomfort and improve your sleep quality.

During childbirth : by using breathing and visualization techniques you will manage pain and contractions more easily during the labour stages.

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